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My Music Story Part 2: Finding Nashville

Living in the Vail Valley is a little too much fun. Ski every morning, work every evening, and go out after work. Some nights I played a gig somewhere. I started to replace work days with music gigs, but I was growing restless.

I was thinking about homeownership and I wanted more than a condo, which I could barely afford in the valley. I was bored working at a country club and I was ready for something different. Two weeks before my brother George's wedding, I put my things into temporary storage in Denver. From there I took what I needed and made my way from Edwards, CO to Cumberland Gap, TN via New Orleans, LA.

Toward the end of my fourteen-day trip, I stayed the night in Nashville. I walked up and down Lower Broadway looking for the bar with the oldest crowd because I knew they would be playing the kind of music that I wanted to hear. One step into Robert's and I was pretty sure I was moving to Nashville.