The One & Only Bill Davis

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The One and Only Bill Davis is a songwriter, performer, concept artist and  founder of Very Entertaining Records.
 Bill got his start playing open mic night in his hometown of Manitowoc, WI. At age 14 he traded piano lessons for guitar lessons. Shortly thereafter, Bill realized he could sing and he began playing guitar as an accompaniment to his voice, a move that brought clarity to his guitar playing and support to his melodies. 

Upon finishing film school in Chicago, Bill ended up in Vail, Co. There, he and friend Dave Perron (Laughing Bones) formed the duo PsychoBilly Cadillac & The Cottonmouth with the expressed intent of playing the most depressing country songs ever written. Mission accomplished! The duo lasted about a year before Bill's wanderlust once again took hold and brought him to Austin, TX. That is when Bill began multi-track recording. 

After a 3 year return to Vail as a solo act, Bill moved to Nashville in 2005 to concentrate on his original material. Since then he has recorded a demo album, released 2 EPs, a Christmas record, and founded Very Entertaining Records. He is also the mastermind behind the Hard Rock Zombies, a rock-horror-multimedia show featuring original rock songs from B horror movies accompanied by montages from said films. 

As a songwriter, Bill knows no stylistic boundaries. A fan of all things interesting, he knows that variety truly is the spice of life. Each song is a departure from the last. Bill has written surf, polka, country, jazz, big band, hip hop, electro and he even has a Halloween song. When the time was right, he proposed to his wife in song, which you can hear on his 2nd EP Up to Something!

Bill has shared billing with Cracker, Carolyn Martin, Freedy Johnston, George Marinelli, Mike Evin, Hog Slop String Band, Charles Butler & Associates, Jeff Blaney, The Danberrys, Monroeville, Christabel and the Jons, Jo'shua Odine, Grizzly Bear, Brett Rosenberg, Farmer and Adele, The Smoking Flowers, Renee Wahl, Brian Ashley Jones, Allen Thompson and more.


Photographers: 1st & 2nd: Melanie Davis, 3rd: Connie Chornuk

Musician: The One & Only Bill Davis; Hard Rock Zombies

Shows: Belle Meade Winery, Spring 2017; Omnichord Christmas set at Kavarna in Decatur, GA; Halloween 2015 at Black Abbey Brewery